I've noticed that some deleted sessions still appear in the rankings; overall, country and spot. One example is the 500m rankings for Portland Harbour.

Matthew Spooner (#9) and Tyler Baker (#14) both have deleted sessions appearing in the rankings. Ghosts of these sessions still remain and show a car journey along the courseway, explaining the deletions.

I've stumbled across similar anomalies for a number of the different rankings at a number of differenty spots.

@Dylan - Can anomolies like these be identifed with a simple SQL query and a bulk fix applied to the database?

FYI this issue solved itself (?) after a week or so (and I did not clear the Chrome cache or delete cookies)

The issue remains as it in the database.

I'd really appreciate someone from the GPSSS team to look into it.

(Sorry, I posted my previous reply in the wrong topic)