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Dear friends,

just a quick question to understand Alpha racing . I have to look for @1Km in GPS Results for the right analysis.

In the base rules it is not so clear for me.So i have to go 500m in , gybe and 500 m out ?

Cause when i look into @500 there are different results to my uploaded results.

When i take a look at @1km its the same in gpsresults and in the uploaded session.

Thanks for reply


standard Alpha Racing is the @500m, which is a distance over 500m with the start and end point within a distance of 50m. In fact this mean you sail 500m as fast as you can include a gybe and tryining to reach your entry point within 50m. 

For the Gyro GPS device I use 250m > gybe > 250m, total of 500m.

Distance between the start and end point 50m.

My display is +- 0.01km/h compared with GPSResults.

Alpha 500 its called (cause youre jibing point is at 500m) , total distance yes 1000m.

return point must within 50m

In my opinion the jibing point during an Alpha 500 is at 250m! (total distance is 500m)

With @500, the distance is max. 500 m (i.e. 500 m or less), with the jibe anywhere in the (max) 500 meter (which is usually somewhere around 250). See: https://www.seabreeze.com.au/forums/Windsurfing/Gps/What-is-an-Alpha?page=1