We had some request renaming spot La Franqui to La Palme,  could you please give your opinion on this ? Just drop a reply on this forum item , Yes (Change it to La Palme) or No (Keep it as it is)

GP3S Crew

You also could use the Facebook Poll to vote 


Maybe share your thoughts here also if you don't use Facebook

Yes, I support the change!

Change the name :)

some runs there finish at la franqui , so ...

this name is legendary , all over the world , so keep it like this ! 

no , please ! 

Historical value, keep it like it is!

Keep it the way it is please.

that name is what everyone says legendary. don't change.

The spot is called La Franqui a long time now on this site, never heard some one call it La Palme....  But may be solve it the dutch way with a compromise: call it   La Franqui- Le Palme  

I can understand that keeping the current topographically incorrect name is difficult for some people.

But if you change it, make sure (this time) to build in a reference to exactly the right place, and that can only be "Le Rouet"
Simply replacing La Franqui by La Palme (without more) is certainly no improvement.

I think it's ridiculous and unnecessary. Everyone knows this spot under the name of La Franqui. There are 16 years of statistics on that name. No one knows La palme. Leave it like this 

The spot isn't in La Franqui that's for sure! It is a historical mistake. The name of the village is indisputable La Palme....but....

The confusion with La Franqui has its origin in the early days of the GPS-Speedsurfing site. In those days the beach of Le Rouet was easily accessible from La Franqui. One could drive along the beach from the bridge in La Franqui (as we did so more than 20 years ago) So it seemed that the sessions were done at LF we had no clue we were in another city (village). Only much later, when the beach road towards the spot was closed and when the spot really got discovered and accessed from Le Rouet, it was too late. All those speed sessions where posted as La Franqui, (even some posted as Les Cousoules) so to keep the stats up to date, everybody continued posting under this false name "La Franqui". Time to correct it.

 The city (commune) is indeed La Palme, but there are other spots in the "commune" of La Palme so there could be confusion again. To be correct it must refer to the beach of Le Rouet (the pump) ex: "La Plage du Rouet de La Palme" or "Rouet the La Palme" 

First posting I find is from 2009 (only one rider) and then from 2010 it started to boom. So maybe after 10 years we can agree to correct it. I notice that French riders are not happy to chance, because for them it feels that foreigners are trying to chance their spot names. That is not the case, it's the foreigners starting to use their spot names wrong from the beginning and after all are trying to correct it.


OK, La Franqui is not the right name. But La Palme (without addition) either. You have L'etang de La Palme, you have Salins de La Palme and you have the beach of La Palme. GP3S should create a 3rd option in the poll with a reference in the name to "Le Rouet". Otherwise you better leave it like it is.

La Franqui is famous worldwide in speedsailing circles and is at the end of the course so please leave it as La Franqui:)

Thank you all, we have closed the voting.... we have to do some recalculations of all the votes because we have noticed we had a lot of of 'ghost' votes at our Facebook page,  most of the votes are from non windsurfers, non gps-speedsurfing members so we have to exclude them from the votes..... after that we will make a final descision. 

What has been rhe final decision?

i noticed that also older session have been automatically relabeled.