No points for me in evaluated speed for august and september !

Can you fix it! Thanks!

Greatings SWE 25 Ferner

Hi Mats,

Could you describe the issue better ? We see scoring points for both august and september, so not sure what issue you are pointing to... please keep in mind that the evaluated also will be replaced by the weighted ranking very soon. Based on website traffic we see that the evaluated is not visited very often... 

When I go to my profile, results per month, I only look forward to month 7 not 8 and 9. So no points as I see. Although it will disappear soon. Regards Mats Ferner

Hi Mats,

We cannot reproduce this error, could you please forward some screenshots and links of the issues ? please forward to ...

Thnx in advance !


Have just sent 2 sessions for August and september greatings SWE 25 Mats Ferner