Hi GP3S Crew,

I see more and more people using and posting with a Suunto nowadays and I am thinking about getting one myself for more info on the water. I noticed that when someone posts with a Suunto on gp3s it is registered as a GT-31 post.

The experience from some users using both devices is that the suunto structurally adds 0,2 to 0,5 to the 5x10sec avg from a gt-31 post (

I don't want to discuss the accuracy of the devices but can the device that is used for posting be displayed correctly?  


Tim Schell

Hi Tim,

Our current uploader doesn't support automated detection of the GPS Device at this moment. Every rider has to select the right device in his personal Profile. When the Web-Uploader is used, the session will be checked by the standard filters of GPS-Results. We would like to emphasize that it is allowed to use devices like Suunto Ambit's for day-to-day fun-session, but not for records like Personal Best, Spot Record, etc etc. Please check out the rules at

GP3S Crew