Has anybody tried the speed puck?

i have asked them what format it uses 

Yes, the SpeedPuck will store 20 hours of GPS data so you can review your sessions afterwards. The files can be exported in .gpx (standard GPS file format ), .vcc (Velocitek proprietary file format), or .kml (for Google Earth) format. 

and it is does doppler.... 

And it is water proof :)


Cheers Rich

AFAIK, it does not output the SDOP (error) data.

What is the Hz rate of recording?  What GPS ship does it use?

Just checked it

U-Blox Antaris LEA-4A

Display refreshes 2hz

Data is logged at 0.5hz (1 update per 2s)

According to forum info it can work at 4hz with a special software update, it will drain the batteries very fast.

I looks nice, but the specs are not that good

Also cheaper to buy a Thingsee

Hi Guy's


this what they came back with.






Here are the answers to your questions:


1) AFAIK, it does not output the SDOP (error) data.


This is correct, the error data is not output when downloading GPS data.


2) What is the Hz rate of recording?


The SpeedPuck logging rate is adjustable and can be set at 1 Hz, 1/2 Hz, or 1/4 Hz.


3) What GPS chip does it use?


UBlox LEA-5M


The SpeedPuck would work very well for the purpose of recording


records on GPS speed surfing. Thanks very much for your interest in the SpeedPuck.










Good info! 

IAs it uses the Ublox chipset it should be able to be programmed to output and record the UBX data with Horizontal speed error estimates.

What is the cost of this unit as that would determine if pursueing that line is feasable.


Scatch that question. At A$450 it is already too expensive!