The spot "Schildmeer" has disappeared in my list, also I can't add it to my list.

Confirmed, we will try to fix this asap

The Schildmeer is still missing. :-(

To much wind !!!  So other priorities :) No worries, it will be fixed !

Dont't know if Schildmeer is added again by the GP3S Crew or that is added manually by someone. I can post Schildmeer sessions by selecting a new Schildmeer spot in the menu but my historical sessions are still 'floating'. Do we have to correct those manually or can you guys do an update statement?

I'll hope you fix the all time historie data for this spot.  'a life work has gone'.



It has been a busy week, so not a lot of time left for fixing this, we will consolidate both spots and restore the history. 

We have released some fixes this morning, could you confirm it's ok now ?

This are the remaining issues:

1. Schildmeer has to be written with a capital letter "S".

2. No data found in the older day rankings, for example April, 19th.

3. In my spot list there are now two entries with "Schildmeer". Can I simply delete one of them?

ok,thnx for reporting, we will fix the last items in the next release...