Hi all. Just a quick question regarding the use of a FlySight GPS unit.

I've been reading about this unit, which has a 1 second hot start but clearly isn't waterproof. Just wondering if anyone has used one of these before and how good they are? I've used a few different Garmin Forerunner and looking to upgrade.

Uses the U-Blox 7 Chipset, but I'm not up on chipsets. Is there anything more accurate and faster, yet maintaining the small size?



Google is your friend :)

Standard output is CSV and would not contain enough information.

Altough some windsurfer flashed the needed software on a device.

It could be adapted to be used when windsurfing.

(No display, so "feedback" will be difficult....)

Is the realtime audio feedback not worth anything? I imagine that if is can be made waterproof, the beeps would be useful for speed and performance monitoring and wouldn't require me to look at my wrist.

What did the flashing of the device get him that wasn't there before?

Coincidentally, I recently contacted Flysight to get up to date on what they were doing and check if the current model logger is suitable for our use. I belive it would be a great LOGGER, but it currently does not by default output the .ubx files we need. Michael said a simple firmware update could fix that issue, but he is focused on developing a new model based on the ublox M8 chip that may have a Bluetooth interface.

If it does end up with a Bluetooth interface, it could be very well teamed up with GPS-Logit (which would need some updates Manfred has worked on) and feed high precision and reliably accurate data into an Android phone.  There may be other more economical ways of doing that developed in the future though.

I don't suppose he gave you any idea of a release date did he?

Having it export data to a phone would be a lot easier than downloading it to a laptop - pity I've got an iPhone tho :p