I am having trouble finding a 2GB card to put in my BGT31. Anyone know any work around to use a bigger card? Can I partition a 4GB card for example? Any suggestions woudl be greatly recieved.

Thanks John

Hi John, I might be wrong but I think 2gb is the biggest you can use.

The file size is really small and I use a 16Mb card in mine and that will store about 32 hours of sessions without any trouble at all. I always download all the data to the PC as soon as I get home and work on it from there as I don't trust a card not to go belly up at any moment. A two hour session will use about 500Kb so if you had a 200 Mb card you would have enough space to record a holidays worth of sailing and still have plenty of storage left.


Hope this is of some use to you.

As a footnote to my post I tried running a 2Gb card in mine and it wouldn't have it but it never rejects the smaller cards. Not so much temptation to leave the data on a smaller card either.

Congratulations by the way on your 2nd place in the GPS challenge at Matas last week and was great watching you out there, especially the little freestyle bit at the end of the day on Sunday!