I would like to know how to have the GW60 in clock mode wihout it going to sleep. When in clock mode, after some secords, creeen turns off, so its unusable as a watch .. everytime you want to check the time you have to wake up pushing a button.

Also if there is an option to extend the backlight time ... its too short ... 1.5sec and it turns off, should be at least 3 seconds...


Hi Jaume,

Thnx for the feedback, we will forward this to locosys, both good suggestions  !


Hi Jaume,

Locosys just released a new firmware fixing two items:

- Fixed the Lock Mode BUG, when locked, the pressing the GPS button for more than 1 second activated Sleep mode, this is resolved

- Enabled a manual siwtch for Clock Mode , between “Always On” and “Auto Sleeping Mode”  to enable/disbable Always on in Clock Mode 

Firmware can be found soon at Locosystech or in the meanwhile here




Could you ask Locosys to add a setting for changing between AM/PM and 24H watch?

Hi Silvester, yes good one also, we had this request also from other people as well, will put this on the list !