For upgrading to new 'beta' i contact Locosys and they told me to waith till the end of the month because the versions that circulate on the 'web' are not approved yet ! It should be official on there site by the end of the month...

My problem is that when i post over several day's to gpsspeedsurfing with the GW-60 he doesn't split the day's; everything is placed under the first they i get out with it. With the gps GT-31 i got never a problem and i do everything the same way. Also my GW-60 is set as asked in the film on gps speedsurfing.

When i asked Locosys they think the problem is with the software of gps speedsurfing...

So my question is : how can i split the days so i can put in the right board and sail used on that day... ?

Thanks !

Danny Strynck

Hi Dave,

This is not caused by the software of GPS-Speedsurfing, but by the fact all data is stored in one file (from all days). You can use GPS Results or GPSAR Pro to split the data over different days. Make sure you reset your log file before starting your session. We also working on a new way to split the sessions by our webuploader, this will be online in beta very soon !!!



Hi !

I do not get contact between GW-60 and my PC, com port error.

USB cable is also not good since i have lost two cupper pins in the interface contact area (own demage i guess).

Is is possible to purchase a new USB cable ?

My purchase order for GW-60 was 1525.

Regards, Lars Nilsson

Hi Lars,


please contact us at