I bought GW60 from the shop on this site, it arrived preety fast but waited in the box for a while until my first surf trip (this week).

The unit is clearly mailfuncitoning, constantly the "charging plug" icon is on, and when it drains battery as soon as i connect it to a charger it shows full battery. Also after "charging" whole night it lasts about 1-2 hours on gps on and shuts down.

Also all the data except distance and max speed (2sec, alpha, 10 secs...) are constantly showing zero.

USB mode is in the one needed for data transfer so i can't update firmware (thought that might help). Because it tells me to disconnect charger.

I read somewhere there is a contact to send it to, but cant find the thread now.

What should i do? Clearly the unit is mailfuncitoning from arrival so it is DOA not warranty.

Please contact us at , normally it will be replaced under full warranty, so no worries

Thank you for the quick reply, i have found the mail address in one of the other threads in the meantime and sent the mail with order number and all other info i could find