I can not turn on my GW-60 after it has been left unused for a few days, even though the battery is fully charged. To turn it back on, I need to connect the charging cable. Then it says click and the GPS works. Annoying if I do not have the cable with me. Anyone else who has experienced this problem?

Yes I have this exact same problem last three times I have been to the beach to go windsurfing the watch won't turn on. I go home and plug the cable in and its fine still full charge and no problems. Very annoying.

Hello guYs, had the Same Problem 3 Times !!!

Hi guys, I got the information, that if the GW-60 is not used for about 14 days or longer, it falls in a deep sleep mode to safe battery. The only way to wake up is a quick connection to the charging cable. So get the cable in the car with an usb-connector or with a mobile phone powerbank!

Answer from Locosystech support:

"Hi Steinar,

Please find user guide for your reference. Also, please see 3.3.

1.      If you keep on/Enable under auto sleep mode and not use it for a few days, GW-60 will go into deep sleep mode for saving power.

2.      The GW-60 will not wake up in deep sleep mode until it connects with charging cable.

Our suggestion for you is to use your GW-60 more often if you wish to keep on/Enable auto sleep mode for power saving.

Or you may switch to off/Disable to keep the screen alive.

Please feel free to contact me if any further questions. Thank you."