Hi all!


I have a Suunto Ambit 2S which I use for my GPS tracks ofcourse. The problem I have with it that I can not get a Alpha500 measurement with it.

I save my tracks as a GPX-file straight from movescount and upload it to GPS Everything works except for the Alpha. The app I currently use for it is Alpha Max made by Tim Schell.

Does anyone have or had the same problem and how did they fix it?


Thanks in advance!

This seems to be normal regardless of GPS type.

I've been posting for years and got Alphas in the past (with GT31, GW52, GT11 ) but lately, never.

GPSAR logs the data, KA72 logs the data, just never GPSSS.

Some bug in there I guess.

Has been this way for a long time.

@all, this is not related to the uploader, but the Suunto seems to drop some datapoints at lower speeds. 

How to fix this?