GW60 firmware V1.3A0926B
improve GPS accuracy

Should this firmware be installed in GW60?

Yes, it's ok to install, this version also can be found here ->


I can't find the firmware V1.3A0926B on site

just "the old one" GW60_ARFW_V1.2A0314B.bin.

Wonder what "improve GPS accuracy" means?


It is visible now in de folder, thanks for that.

There is no "firmware release note" provided by Locosys, like  they did at release of  previous update's. Before updating the new version I  wonder if besides the "improved gps accuracy" there might be additional changes?



Hi Patrick, we did not test this version yet, also didn't find any release notes included. We will check this out with Locosys. 

Just got feedback from Locosys, it's described as a minor upgrade, no addtional changes based on the info we got from Locosys.

"The F/W (V1.3A0926B) is minor update to improve the GPS accuracy. It's not a must do...which means users can upgrade GW-60 to V1.3A0926B or stay at V1.2A0314B. "

We will do some tests in the next days, and keep you posted.

Ok, thanks for these answers. 

Think for the moment it's best to stick to the V1.2A0314B and wait for the results of your tests.



Did some small tests today, all looks pretty stable. One additonal feature discovered , possiblity to adjust the contrast of the display. For us ok to use this version now.

 wonder why locos doesn't give any release notes.


They normally do, so no idea why not this time.... 

Does anyone have more info on the firmware v1.3? Any issues?



Hi, we have tested it and also available at our download drive. Improves GPS accuracy & USB connectivty...