Hi, i have accidentally broken my gw60 front glass . It fells on the ground . I am trying to contact the locosys factory but I don't receive any reply. Anyone replaced the front glass from a "generalist" watch repairman?

Hi Mario,

When you bought the device at pleaset contact us at , otherwise please contact your local dealer for this...

GP3S Crew

Yes. I have done it!

Now Locosystech and also the dealer told me that the replacement woul be cost near or over the price of the new watch. So , people, be careful. Otherwise try to buy other trademarks.... 

Any of you had warranty problems with locosys and gw60?  (My trouble wasn't a warranty problem, it fells accidentally)

The screen is stupid weak. Got few scratches. This kind of screen should be made bomb proof as it gets nice hits in catapults...

The screens are very weak. As a quick preventative measure, fitting a tempered glass protector will help increase the screen life. They cost just a couple of £/euros/$

I sent email to Locosys where I recommended them to use the toughest screen on this planet to keep the screen intact. Also asked them to use a protective ring so that the screen would be below the ring. This way the ring takes the impact not the screen - very similar to Casio G-Shock watches... Also asked G-Shock styled button protectors so that in a catapult when hitting the board with GW60 will not tear the buttons off plus asked them to make the buttons waterproof. And asked also to install a lot louder buzzer so that we could hear it too... They promised to consider those suggestions...Lets see what we will get in the future :-)

That glass protector is a good idea eventhough the screen would be the strongest possible...Thanks a lot for suggestion :-)