I just got a GW-60 (haven't used it on the water yet) and I'm wondering if people are generally happy with having it on the wrist while windsurfing?

I designed and 3D-printed a band extender, which might useful with a thick suit (and maybe even mittens on top). Similar to the one being sold here, but I can make mine any length and the attachment to the existing band is probably a bit more secure than a second buckle.

However, I'm used to having a GT-31 on my upper arm. Due to muscles, an upper arm band for the GW-60 would need to stretch quite bit, so I may not be able to use pure 3D printing, but I can make secure mounting points with 3D printing and then do the rest with more traditional methods. Is anyone else interested in making armbands?

I managed to finish the 3D design and printing. The 3D-printed part is really intended to be sewn on to a band that goes under the watch, so that if either attachment fails, the watch doesn't fall off. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. Here's a photo.