API for developers:

We have now the possibilities to use gps-speedsurfing data on other websites or apps. So, if you are running your own event or would like to develop a cool app you can consume the Gps-speedsurfing data via our API.

We have developed a self-describing API portal with the possibility to try-out the API and get code samples to consume the API. This feature is in Beta so please let us know if it delivers value and please post the bugs you observe and tell us how we can do better.  

Go to menu item <FAQ> - <API Integration>.

Ik gebruik vaak een chromebook voor de site. Sinds enige tijd krijg ik een foutmelding als ik probeer in te loggen. De site crashed en ik krijg de melding: 

Bad Request - Header Field Too Long

HTTP Error 400. A request header field is too long.


Heeft ditvte maken met de update van de site of zit er ergens een andere fout ?

Hi Rob,

This is not related in anyway, please make sure that the use the right and fully updated browers when accesing GP3S.

Apparent new feature: view 500m now shows an animated track display with orange arrow, nice one. The Microsoft satellite view is more attractive, richer in colors, and shows finer scenery details than Google. 

Apparent broken feature: track display of my own sessions shows nothing anymore, no map, no track. Since this feature was introduced (2014?) up till 21/12/18 I could view all my session tracks without problem. All sessions are GT-31, uploaded via Gpsresults, from card.

Using (Windows 7 x64 + Chrome  71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit)).

The same is happening (no map/track display) with e.g. these other users (GT-31) sessions:

Have clicked open the track display of various random sessions of the last few days.
The sessions that do show a track all seem to have the smoothed yellow linetype and the track display happens almost without delay.
My own session tracks were always with the sharp line type and always had some delay before displaying, depending on the session distance.
I'm still not sure why there are these two types of lines styles, am assuming it is related to the way the session was uploaded.
So, based on limited testing, it looks like sessions that were uploaded using the upload method that produces the unsmoothed line type are impacted and don't display tracks anymore, but sessions that were uploaded using the upload method that produces the smoothed line type still display tracks.


Hi Pat, 

Thnx, as you have notced we have introduced the first new track display feature based on Microsoft Azure, all other map & track display features will be moved asap to the new platform. We keep you posted about the progress, thank you for testing and providing this feedback, very welcome !!!

GP3S Crew 

The new 500m track display looks great!

The new 500m animated display may need some more testing/debugging. 
When clicking [+] to zoom in during playback of a track, the browser window flashes/redraws, and all text labels of the menu Rankings-Sessions-Events disappear. 
Pressing F5 to refresh the window does not help (and causes a window "Confirm form resubmission" to appear). 
Need to logoff+login to rebuild the menu text labels.

Also happens when just clicking on the [+] button without playing the 500m.
Menu text labels will reappear after going Back in browser (e.g. Alt-left arrow), so no need to logoff/logon.

Will we soon be able to see our full tracks again ?
I'm really missing this feature that has worked for +/- 5 yrs, until the new 500m track display was introduced.

(also see technical description in my above postings)

Hi Pat,

Can you confirm when using the webuploader full track display works correct ? 

Thnx !

No, session uploaded using Sessions-Upload track does also not show a track nor map (same as when using normal upload procedure via GPSresult).

By the way: since a few days the 500m track display does not show a background map anymore.


Allright, many thnx for testing. As mentioned before by Dylan we are moving away from Google API's , way to expensive and will result in the end of for sure.... will try to find the fixes for azure asap and than move the other map services as well...  

Will keep you all posted !