The GoPro Hero 7 has a build in GPS.

You can extract the track with some tools: 

You get a GPX file per video file. I used GPSAR to merge them together.

Uploading to GPS-Speedsurfing fails. 

Took some time to figure out the problem: I think it has too many track points.If I open the GPX file I get 20 track points per second!! I think that GPS-Speedsurfing cannot handle this, the time differences between the track-points are too small.

I used GarmingBaseCamp to filter the GPX file to 2 second interval, just to test it. (1 sec interval is possible)

The GPX file even contains the GpsAccuracy (dont known what the number means) I see numbers between 130 and 300.

I don't think the GoPro Hero 7 is a serious GPS for records, but it might be an option for the recrational surfer. I was still using a Geko 201, which is propable far less accurate.

I might write some software that calls the gpmd2gpx tool and then merges and filters the GPX file.


Just found the meaning of the GpsAccuracy: it is in cm, zo 130 is 1.3 meter accurancy.


Hi Robert,

Could you forward the track to (or by , so we can take a look


gp3s crew