I purchased the GW-60 about a year ago.

Updated to the latest firmware etc...

When i fall into the water the device screen gets corrupted like it doesnt refresh completely. Partial information displays behind new information. Sometimes it goes blank but the device is still working. Doesnt seem to respond to button input but communicates with the PC. I tried clearing the log and reflashing the firmware but the problem comes back! I don't know if the device is broken or what. This is exactly how i recieved the device. I really try to take care of it keeping the battery charged when in storage and washing with freshwater everytime.


Help please, should i replace the device (ordered from amazon) or is it a software bug?

Any ideas?


Update: I retested and it seems it really doesnt have anything to do with saltwater. After GPS function is on for some time the screen corrupts (old information remains on display where there isnt any new content)