I've noticed some irritating inconsistencies with the GW-60. The speeds on the watch's display don't match the speeds that show up on the .gpx file when you convert the data. For example, the day I hit my max speed so far this season (29.29 kts - watch display), the max speed that shows up on the .gpx file was something like 14.1kts. Is there an issue in the way the software converts the watch data into a .gpx file? Has anyone else had this issue? I'd be happy if someone has a solution that I'm missing.

Hi Nick,

Please check all the settings of the GW-60 here -> the must be identical as shown to provide errors -> 

It is also not necessary to convert tracks to .gpx , all tracks stored in .sbp format can be upload directly by our webuploader -> 

Some nice instructions videos can be found here -> 

Good luck !