Hi Crew, curious as to how accurate the freely available Android phone apps like windrace etc? Some of these postings appear to have oddly high (2 sec) peaks compared to 5 x 10 sec averages. Are these peaks verified as 2 second like the GT-31/GW60 etc? Do phone app default settings mean could they could possibly be 1 second peaks but displayed/uploaded as 2 second or track spikes?

Hi Dave,

We don't have any experience with those apps,  we would recommend GPS Logit, more info can be found here -> 

GPS Logit does not seem to be available anymore.

Download on the website is outdated and latest version has an expired license.

Further it needs Android 8 as a minimum OS requirement.

Thanks for the link;

'the accuracy is comparable to a GT11, the only missing item is the Dopplerspeed-error (SDOP) that only the GT31/GW52 or ublox-based units support'

Some interesting discussion re 'Resolution' and SBN/GPX files with Windrace App developer on Seabreeze - Link;

Windrace App download for Android - Link;