With great pride we introduce the dedicated speedsurfing work-out mode for the COROS APEX PRO & VERTIX multi-sport watches. In the last months the development teams of COROS and have worked together to develop a tailor made workout mode that will enable instant feedback on the water for all our major categories. 

COROS is a high performance sports technology company with a focus on outdoors and extreme sports. Combining high grade hardware and the latest innovative technology it’s providing athletes the gear they can rely on in the world’s most extreme environments. At GP3S we are extremely happy about this cooperation, the first time ever an industry leading manufacturer stepped into the world of speedsurfing and joined forces with our community !

The excitement we feel working together with COROS bring us back to the early days of the…. being on the edge of technology, innovate, explore, test and create outstanding functionality for our amazing sport. We strongly believe in improvement by doing….not to emphasize upfront what is wrong, but explore what we can do better ! In the last 15 years our tech crew has supported all major developments of all GPS devices currently suitable for GP3S and we have shared all of this knowledge with COROS. 

The current release of this native speedsurfing mode is the first public version available for all COROS APEX PRO & VERTIX owners, and will bring a very high level of accuracy combined with a rock-solid hardware design, amazing battery life and a convenient easy-to-use user interface including auto-uploading to our platform (*). The introduction of this technology will lead to a new era at GP3S, in the next months we will continue to collect data and improve the algorithms together with COROS. Based on the progress we have made in the last months, supported by hundreds of test miles on the water, we are convinced this combination will lead to a future proof, trustable, accurate & verifiability solution that we want for our platform. 

This cooperation is not the endpoint but just the start of great things to come, developing with COROS is an honor, the fast pace, the dedication, open mindset and the will to do this together to make things better gives us the right energy to move forwards into the future. For GP3S it is very important that our community has the opportunity to choose brand independently and to pick the best device available which suits the individual needs of every rider. 

Both the COROS APEX PRO en VERTIX are multi-sport watches suitable to support a large number of (extreme) outdoor/indoor activities and add additional functionality like HR and blood oxygen monitoring. We would like to emphasize that the introduction of the COROS multi-sport watches is an extension to the current set of supported devices at GP3S, the support for all current approved devices will be continued.

(*) auto-uploading will be available in Q4-2020

Dear Team

What a happy news :-) Are both watches approved for competitions and record settings? Can you say a little about the specs compared to the GW60/GT31.

Hope to hear from you soon. Could be a nice little christmas present ;-)

Dear GPS Speedsurfing Team

Great news and cant be better when we can uppload directly on the site ! Fantastic!

Everything that make it easy to upload will make the interest in speedsurfing bigger !

Will order one now but want to know if both are the same for the speedsetting. ?

Take care and well done :-)

Roger Örnvang

We expect to release a dedicated info page about the Coros watches somewhere this month. This will give additional background information about the devices and the way the GPS data is collected , processed & verified by our platform. As mentioned before we are actually in the middle of the development proces together with Coros, and based on the collected and verified data of the last months we are very confident it will reach our standards. The auto-sync feature will also be release before the end of Q4, this feature gives us additional posibilities to verify the RAW GPS data collected by the devices.


I think we are a lot people that would like to know if this is just going to be a device like Garmin and Sunto or it would be allowed for prober posting, replacing the gw60? is it doppler?, as you already advertise and sell it, you must be able to answer these questions?

Thanks in advance


Hi guys, after almost 4 months, maybe it is time to answer this pertinent question from Brian? So you can avoid further discussions in the future that will benefit no one. Thanks for clarifying!

Hi Dirk, 

Please check out the FAQ page -> , all info can be found here 

Thanks. Nice theoretical explanation. Hopefully it will soon come to a practical implementation that is understandable for everyone so that further discussions will be unnecessary.

Hello, is there a setup guide, recommendations for optimal set up the coros Vertix for gps-speedsurfing & session upload  please? For best accuracy? On the water useability?

I bought one locally (preorder only from gp3s) as my Gw60 has completely died now. It's done well! If I could have  bought a replacement domestically I'd have probably bought another one! Also other people have reported much less positive experiences. Worst of all not being able to connect it after a pb day!

I am expecting a motion from Julien as well but I don't know when & don't want to hassle him into quitting!

How do Coros know I bought it for GP3S?

Thanks for all your good work!

All the best!




Hi Mark, 

Please contact us at , we are just a few days before the start of the new beta Vertix firmware including the all the addtional data we require for session validation , and would like to invite to join the beta test team.

GP3S Crew

Hi, I just bought a Coros Apex Pro and I'm going to test it hard, I have two questions, I don't see the possibility of uploading the file directly to and will this file be displayed in yellow or green? Good job, Regards Kamil

Hi Kamil,

Make sure you registered at Coros and get the App up and running, upgrade from the app to the most recent firmware , after that connect the GP3S setup to Coros (-> ) , when selecting SPEEDSURFING or WINDSURFING after sync with the COROS app , session will be pushed to GP3S, so no manual action needed there. More info at the approval procedure for Coros also at -> , it's almost time :) 




Thank you for the explanation, I cannot find the information which GPS setting will be the best for speedsurfing? GPS / QZSS, GPS / QZSS + Glonass or GPS / QZSS + BeiDou? Europe region. greetings

Is there somewhere that has a list of the set up settings? The watch is working, but not sure if it is optimal. Particualar as above there are 2 types of GPS/QZSS settings to choose from. Maybe you could include a littel section at the end of the GPS devices menu, with set up guide for each watch?


Hi John. There is a nice COROS setup guide written by Ingolf van Oostveen.

In Europe you're probably best choosing the mode including Galileo.

Thanks Mike. 

And thanks to Ingolf.

Can anyone help me UNLINK my watch to the GPS speedsurfing site? I cant seem to find a way to switch it off?

I have been using the speed surfing app to record my surf sessions, and I obviously dont want those posted on here.

Can anyone help?



Most easy is just to click on the red x cross afer the sync, this way you still have all auto upload features enabled for windsurf and foil and ignore the surf sessions... dont see any other easy way