My Coros Vertix has been synching with the site seamlessly up until today where it doesn't seem to have worked.  Does anyone know how to force a sync or do I have to manually extract the GPX file and upload it?  I checked my devices and it asked me to login to Coros again so I wonder if it dropped the connection between my sail yesterday which uploaded and today which didn't???

I've had same issue two times. And had to upload the GPX. Have heard that Coros is working on several updates. 


  • before you start make sure that your watch has GPS fix, so waith till the watch confirms GPS fix and than press "start" button
  • Make sure that you use windsurfing or speedsurfing workout mode
  • you can upload the track manually from your Coros App -> export to gpx or fit (preffered) and upload manually to gps-speedsurfing

I'm thinking about buying the watch, is it an approved device yet?  the Coros info said that after a software update it would be added as an approved device but there's no additional info.

I have heard that certification process is still ongoing, but that is info from some weeks ago. No latest info and waiting Coros Doppler Certified device aswell...