We are getting some reports from riders with issues to upload their tracks today, we are investigating this, in general please retry it again at another moment, it's a bit busy with lots of sessions posted at the same time.... we will keep you posted :) 

Pretty windy in the last days We also enjoyed the water and between some great sessions we found some time to fix some issues with the webuploader. As you may have noticed on very busy moments (so windy day and between 17:00 and 21:00 hours ) we are experiencing some performance issues. Mainly caused by issues processing some specific sessions, when busy processing other sessions are delayed. We think we have found a better solution for this and are preparing to launch this somewhere next week... when deployed please inform us when any issues occur directly at

We will announce time and date of deployment when ready !

Keep you posted and thank you all again for all your support

Hi !

 I use a Coros Vertix Watch for speed surfing (ID E87240) but the watch do not upload logg to GP3S.

I use a Coros App were the log from Watch is uploaded, i can see data etc.

I connect the Watch in GP3S to Coros using the same password i have for my Coros account on my Iphone App same e-mail and same PW.

But no data transfer.

Firmwire is V 2.38.5

What have i done wrong ?

Lars Nilsson


Hi Lars,

This is not in any way related to this topic, please contact us at ....  

Sorry,it went to wrong topic.

It was soved by harmonize the PW.

Cannot upload latest session. The uploader just spins and spins, never giving me an option to view the track. I have seen this before, uploading from my GW60.

Hi ,

please forward your track to and we will take a look.

GP3S Crew

Hi Goodmorning,

My sessions from my new Garmin Fenix 6X pro also keeps spinning but nu result. 

Thanks, Leon

Hi Leon,

Issue is not related to the uploader. Your track is rejected because is doesn’t contain a solid 1 per second logging, see basic rules (-> ) . For example to use a Garmin device, make sure it’s configured to log at once per second ->

Afterwards please use the .gpx extension to post your session. We recommend to use this app ->