Anybody has Motion Mini GPS?

How do you export session data to GPS Speedsurfing? With Windows or Mac? What file formats?

Is it Doppler, certified device for speedsurfing records?



Hi, i have the mini motion, you export the file in .oao format by connecting on the motion wifi.
You upload your file on GPS Speedsurfing.
It is a verified device.

Hi.  Just wondering if anyone is experiencing any issues with uploading from Mini Motion?  I can view my .oao fine on KA72 and GPS Results.  But for some reason I can't get it to upload to GPS Speedsurfing?  The upload just seems to time out.  Any advice greatly appreciated.

@Nicole,  we had some issues with our uploader last week, all should be sorted out for now. If you experience any issues, please check GitHub to see if there is already one opened, our provide the info to help us to sort it out ->