Is the COROS Apex 2 recognized as officialy approved device? It is not mentioned in the list on the info page:


At this moment we have several verified GPS Devices officialy approved for posting Record Sessions on

  • Coros Vertix & Apex Pro (-> 
  • GW-60 (-> )
  • GX-52 (->
  • ESP-GPS (-> )
  • Gyro 1 (-> )
  • Motion (--> )
  • Gyro 1 (-> )
  • GT-31/BGT-31 (-> )

All session posted with a verified devices have this green icon -> 

Yes it is, we will add this to this page (already mentioned here -> Home - gps-speedsurfing

I'm so sick of those errors.

Don't know what's wrong!

Coros Apex Pro supposed to have all necessary settings

But still ERRORS!!!!!



Please contact us at and exchange the information so see whats wrong, based on this rather short forum message its not possible to assist you in a proper way.

Is the `New Apple Watcxh Ultra 2 a ratifiable item?


Both the Apple Ultra and Ultra 2 are currently being tested for approval,  we also expect an advanced integration (including auto-synchronisation) with Waterspeed in a few days time.