My sessions on coros apex pro does not seem to be uploaded automatically today (has worked perfect over a year) 

Got notice from Coros that my data was migrated to a european server today... Is that the reason? Anything I can do? 

All the best from Norway 


Please contact us at for assistance,  not aware of any outage with the Coros Sync, we have seen a lot of sessions posted today also with Coros devices, so maybe its a bit buy because of the big winds hitted europe today


Coros said they. moved all data to an european server yesterday and that coincided with the fail in syncing, so I thought maybe it was that.. Will see on next session ??

Having the same problem with automatically syncing from Coros for the last three days since the Migration to the new Server. No answer from Coros so far. Seems they are having a lot of problems since.

Overall the migration from Coros to the new European inviremont has not had any impact on the connection from Coros to GP3S, in individual cases where issues occur we advice to just do the full setup of the connection between GP3S and Coros againg (see also -> ) @thanx Ingolf for the manual :) 

My next session synced perfectly so I think it was just a little glitch in autosync somewhere ??????