i must honest i do not understand this -but i sent a freind some results copied from download results. and they tell it is showing 5.0ms max accel when it should be 3..0ms is this correct ?  not a prob or whot. cheers Peter Cutts -
Just to clarify, Peter is using GPSResults V6.70 but the same thing also happens with V6.90.

His "max. accel" filter is 3.0m/s^2 but when sending results to GPS-Speedsurfing the software reports 5.0m/s^2 in the filters - as seen below:

min. speed.: 5knots, max. accel.: 5.0m/s^2, max. HDoP: 5, min. sats: 5
min. speed.: 5knots, max. accel.: 5.0m/s^2, max. HDoP: 5, min. sats: 5 settings are enforced during automated upload of the results to make it 'foolproof' and to have the same 'official' settings for everyone. After upload the user adjusted settings are restored.

The max. accel. setting is used to exclude invalid points (spikes) that were common with positional speeds from oudated GPS units. In earlier versions this maximum acceleration was set to 3.0m/s^2, but this value seemed to be too low during extreme bear-offs (and for the kiters). So with 5.0m/s^2 spikes (that are very rarely seen on Doppler devices) can be identified and excluded more reliably.
I checked this some time ago with RTK Roger van Tongeren and he also stated that it should by 5 m/s^2.

It this is correct then the base rules should be adapted too because they now state:

For Doppler devices in the GPS analysis software the following settings are necessary:

max. Accel. [3 m/s²]

max. HDoP (5)

min. Sats (5)

So its not a problem for me then? and everyone has this setting ? ( Iam now useing V6.90)
It's ok to use the settings from Manfred.
The rules will be updated for 2011. There are some other changes we will implement and will be communicated November/December.
Ok thanks Roger