GPS Speed Talker is an Android Application that always speaks the current speed.
Just go to the Google Android Market and search for GPS Speed Talker.
Install the program and follow the instructions after the start. The only thing you need is an Android phone.

Use the internal GPS of your mobile phone or an external Bluetooth-GPS like the Locosys BGT-31.

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Why GPS Speed Talker
Say you’re in an activity that requires your full attention. Do you have time to look at the display of your GPS device? No!
With the GPS Speed Talker you do not need to look at the display, it always speaks to you the current speed!

- Data Logger Functions (log your track)
- Export your track as GPX or KML to your PC or send track attached in email
- Add comments to your tracks whenever you like and whatever you like.
- Define Talk Range (e.g.:  speak only between 20 and 100 km/h)
- Topspeed Alarm (alarms you with a alarm tone or a message if you reach a new topspeed)
- Supress Repetitions
- Measurement Interval
- Minimal Movement
- Speed units (km/h, kn, Miles,…)
- Optional: Keep screen on
- Use internal or external GPS (e.g. external Bluetooth-GPS)

GPS Speed Talker Exports

Analyze Tracks in Google Earth (KML)

Analyze Tracks with the program of your choice (GPX)

Analyze Tracks with the program of your choice (GPX)