The session date on my GPS files is correct but when i auto send to here the date is wrong(todays session 28th November, date uploaded is 27th November), tried to edit it but always reverts back to the wrong date. any ideas?
Do you use and SBN or SBP file?
Meta... its something to do with the international timeline and  Aussie and NZ position on it...  we often have the same problem posting from NZ ....  the websites.. both  windsurf and kite   are  still running on the day before us....    ie doesnt click over  to the  28th in Europe until  say  12 midday on the 28th down here...   the issue has been raised before but no sign of a fix yet... hopefully Roger  you can sort it!

Hi Meta,
             We in NZ have the same problem regularly.
The data file from the satellite is on UTC time and the GPSSS auto load takes this time.
So if we run before noon (or 1pm when on summer daylight saving time) we get the day before date, because that is the UTC date.
After noon the date loaded is ok.
Actually, with the last few auto downloads I have been able to edit the date but usually it reverts to UTC date.
It becomes a problem if you are running in a monthly comp and you get killer speeds on the first day of the month before noon and the download is for the final day of the last month.......unlikely, but we did have this situation once.
Interestingly my data file for yesterday says ,    Mon Nov 29 01:21:18 NZDT 2010   which is correct day and date but still has the UTC time shown.
I definitely wasn't sailing at 1.21 am

Mike S
Thanks for the info guys, i was able to eventually edit the session date, my last post was on the 29th November and the date was correct, out of 100+ sessions first time it has ever happen to me, cheers and have a merry Xmas :-)

Hey guys,

                 We still have the same problem.

Sailing in NZ and I loaded a session for 11th September 2011, my clock started at 11.24am Sept 11 local time.

Session was loaded as Sept 10th and  was I unable to edit.

I did edit the date but when loaded it had reverted to the original date and no means to change it later.

No big problem if the thing will accept the date change but not so....