Is it possible to bring back the "Max. GPS (display)" again? Or is it possible to change it into Max. 1 sec. (software)? This data is available in GPSResults.
Why did it had to disappear?
Changing something in the future sessions ok, but it is gone in all the previous sessions also.

I agree with above postings, I would like to see i the max display back! If all this data has been deleted, it is a bad thing imho as I always filled it in for future reference.
Ik vond het ook handiger dat je gelijk onder de sessie gegevens de PR gegevens zag.
Nu moet je op de link "persoonlijke records" drukken een extra handeling die naar mijn idee niets toevoegd.

Hi Guys,

A short update on this, Roger will come with a complete announcement soon.

Ranking reduction:
We got several complaints that there where to many rankings. From the other side we wanted to introduce 24 hour ranking.  So we decided to drop the max gps and 100m and introduce 24hour. The 100 m is still shown in the session details, max gps not.

The maxgps was introduced in the past due to the Garmin devices. Since 90% of the speedies are using a GT11 or GT31 this ranking was a kind of obsolete and could not be verified.

The PR box is moved to a separate page to improve the website performance and to allow a PR result page based on year (to be introduced soon). Just one click away.

There are always pro's and con's related to every decision and we can't keep everybody happy unfortunately. But we hope that these changes are acceptable for you and I think we got a great ranking possibility with the 24 hour ranking.
Let the 24 hour battle begin.


by the way the data is not gone from the database and we can always make it visible in the advanced search function for goldmembers.
Why not asking the goldmembers their opinion before changing such important issues?
I'm sure that a lot of us were used to the gpsmax. 

Is it not possibble to keep the PRbox within the session page and make an extra page for year based PR's. 
Thanks for the explanation, no offence but I still find it strange to remove the max display that a lot of people fill in, and change it for a 24hr ranking not many people will use. Also, now your peakspeed is measured over 2 seconds imho not really a peak, well kind of... A good  compromise would be to have the max display available for golden members and I hope the data can be restored. Other thought... why is a legacy bad? Max display has always been there and I find nothing wrong with "tradition" even if gp3s thinks it is obsolete. Luckily some functionality of the 100m is still there in the session details. 100m results always look impressive. Just my 2 cts, I still love the site!
Hey Dylan

How are u planning to create a 24hour ranking when u cannot post sessions from different spots together in 24hours i could have sailed 2/3or4 spots think it's not really a good ad and it's not going to be used a lot. it's better to make a special post button for it. 

Also don't think it's wise to delete the 100m it tells a lot about the conditions and it's a thing i focus on and have fun in doing and i'm really good in the 100m so why would you trade it in for something useless as a 24hour ranking

Max display is not so important to me

Greetz Hans
Hi Dylan,
i agree with some of the posters above. it would be nice to let us know what you are planning to change in advance to give us a chance of some feedback. if you then still think it a good idea please go ahead. 

it's totally true that you will never be able to please everyone and i think you are doing an amazing job with this website.

more to the point... give me a GPS 1sec peak reading [even if it is only for bragging rights] or a 100m speed any day over a 24 hour ranking.

what is the use of a 24 hour ranking? 

sure it's nice to see how many miles someone has done in one session, but what does a 24 hour ranking really mean? 

is it a ranking for the highest average speed over 24 hours [or divided by the distance to have some kind of relation to the speed factor] or is it a distance recording only? 

what has pure distance got to do with GPS speed? 

why would someone who sails for 20h at 15kn average be higher ranked than someone with an 8hour session with a 25kn average for example?

keep up the good work

Hereby one vote to get de max display back.
I've been speedsailing and using this site for years and its always been my goal to break 45knots, It's far more likely that for me this will be a max GPS!! - not a 10 sec etc since everythime I'm off to Kirby I'm getting 44. something on the Max.
Could you please keep it please since the 24hr ranking although a good one is less likely I consider to be of interest to most members (Whenever I'm at the beach I always chat to everyone about what their max speed is!!) I'm sure others would agree.
I won't miss the max GPS from the rankings. Impossible to verify, and is often plain wrong (people misread, or have forgotten to erase their GPS-units and so on.

And I think the manual registration will be gone in the future all together, perhaps?


reading the posts above, I'm sure that a lot of riders would ask to bring the Maxgps back, if they knew about the changing. In these period where few riders are posting or looking at the site it is a bit normal that only some are reacting.

But it is hard to say that most of the users are happy with it.

I agree with others that you guys are doing a great job with this site, I love it. My first post was in 2006 and GP3S was the reason that I did'nt stop surfing.  

I know very little about how a website is build, but I think that there are very few arguments to say that this one would make the site to "heavy".

You are right that it is impossible to satisfy everybody.

Personal, it is not only the fact of disappearing the Maxgps, it is also not beeing asked about the opinion of the (gold)members that is regretteble. 

I must agree with Jesper. The display max could be anything, missreading or just "fixing" it up a bit. 2 sec(software) is an exact measure and will do! But 100m is good when really training speedsailing and also good for tuning and trimming gear and sails.
Damn, my browser failed during my first attempt to write :(

24h ranking? Definitly a keeper. If only we see again more stories in media (surf)magazines/websites/blogs. Alpha-500 was a big boost (new challenge) for gps-speedsurfers but maybe a bit to technical too really understand for non-speeders, soo it was rare to read in media about a fast alpha. But 24h ranking is easy to understand, and pretty impressive too. I would like to share on my blog the story of the first offical speedsurfer that does 15kn average. Who will be the new heroes??

Next thing about the numbers, as addicted speeder more=better (so keep 1sec and 100m). But are we for real?? What message do you show with all these numbers, launching a rocket??, it would be too much, this is no good message towards newcomers or other people interested in speedsurfing.

Last but not least (we are already talking about newcomers etc.), on first sight I would rate this website is made for elite or pro-surfers. How often do you see only 40kn averages on first sight (without scrolling down). Ofcourse it makes people like myself feel good because I am part of it, but it definitly doesn't make a normal windsurfer feel he fits in. I guess the first message should not be about records. The first message should be how much FUN speedsurfing is. 

When I started speedsurfing, it was not alone!! No the connection with made it look like fun (and it is for the record), about "Jan" who did 30kn on his waveboard (example). Now this connection is gone/less and the fact outside the Netherlands there has never been a Which makes me think there is more potential (especially worldwide). 

Many ways to put the "speedsurfing is fun message" on the homepage on first sight. 
Too bad the max. speed is gone :-(. True that there can be mistakes by filling this data yourself, but why not adding the 1sec. data that is available from the software upload? (imo the same as max. gps display and also its logged and available data in GPSresults GPsar etc.).

Hope max. display or the better "1sec max speed", will return as that will be the real peakspeed youve reached :-)

Also don't understand the meaning of adding a 24h average speed field. Imo there are more people interested in a "max distance in 1 session within 24h" field then what their avg speed was ... i think it is also nicer to see someone has surfed great distance on 1 location in 1 session (within 24h), not on for example 3 locations (each location = a separate session).
Average speed over 24 hours is going to be used by less than 1% of the users (I think) the display max by 100% of the users (I know).

Is the 24 hour of one day (date)?
Or just a 24 hour periode, that's something I would not like.
max display speed has always been and will continue to be a hot discussion issue on the beach, regardless of it being included in the gp3s sessions or not!

I would suggest including in the sessions only data that has been processed through the software and further promote auto-uploading session data !!! (not everybody is yet using the auto-upload features of the softwares...). In that way, max display speed could be substituted by max software(1sec). More important, manually added 24h speeds could be even more controversial....

max display will can continue to be an interesting addition in the comments box and it could easily be linked with a relevant photo, or a spot report in a blog etc.

Dylan, keep up the excellent work! 

thanks guys for the input, much appreciated!

We discussed this yesterday during our GP3S meeting. The outcomes are:

- maxgps: we can't validate this speed item and we see many time crap data in the database regarding this speed item. This is why we want to drop it and there is a good almost similar alternative 2sec gps speed which is included in the autoupload. So we decided to drop this speed item.

- speed 100m: we will bring this item back in the ranking search

- 24hour: the official communication is coming soon by Roger

- fun: definitely very important, we need some ideas to evaluate so shoot.

Good choice, Dylan!

And since it is still allowed to post with the old Garmin devices, a 1 sec software isn't possible (although I think it would be better with 1 sec software than 2 sec, so let's get rid of those pesky old Garmins.. :))
Had some thoughts about displaying more about the fun part, it would be good to brainstorm with a bigger group about this. Just some random thoughts below, and I dump them here. Might be good or wrong, also hard to know if it would conflict with the way gps-speedsurfing works. 

SO far (now I started to think) it would be difficult to make an automatic system that picks out the sessions that clearly demonstrate fun& the message this is something every windsurfer could do. It is a combination of numbers but also what has been written as comment in the session or maybe a connected blogpost/ photo or video. To see the value, there would be basically 2 solutions, 1) webmaster picks them out, 2) make a system where members can vote for each session "spirit" 

Examples using available data (with more social message):

Showing the last 10 spots sailed with number of sessions (ranked on total number of speedsurfers posted) 

(random) Comments, Highlighted sessions by webmaster??

A  field (changing each day/hour or even when you look at the page) with this years best session on spot xxx (spot would be changing and this would give each spot the same amount of attention). This one could demonstrate you CAN speedsurf anywhere.

Or adding some new social data, and let users vote for the best speedsurfing fun spirit post:

A 'like' (maybe facebook integration) and show the most liked sessions of the week

Hmmm my post did look different when posted (I used a bullet list). But hope the message is still good to understand.
Good thing that the maxspeed is removed. Too vulnerable for mistakes.

Also good that the 100m is back.

wanted features:
- Creation good profile-link (for example: )
- Contactways to contact each other (sending mail to someone's mail address)
- TRying to motivate other countries to join (for example the French guys? ). I read somewhere the idea to publish paid ads with the rankings in some surf magazines. Cool idea and could help spreading the word.

Reading all above I don't see any loss of sigfnicant data while dropping display. Subtitute software max will tell us about the same and is far more reliable. The funfactor of max speed remains visible in software max.

I'm happy 100 mtr which may also be a good indication for topspeed besides software max will be visible again.

Keep up the good work!
Dylan, is it possible to add a 1sec. as max. speed in the ranking? This is also data which is available so no manual action needed ... 
Damm, Had a 80,48km/hr. on display today. It should be on the site. So now I still have no 80+ on my PR-stats.
Now that the Display Max is removed, is it possible not to show it in the Personal Best rankings also?
Saturday I bettered my 2 sec max,  and it's now higher then my display max shown in the stats.
Looks kinda strange!
Don't know if you guys are still thinking about some changes? The 1sec. option seems to me a good replacement for the max display. The older Garmin devices will not have any data in that field, so a good reason for those owners to buy a new GT31 :-) ...

Also, i did like the layout where the personal bests where underneath the day score. Can you change back the layout as is was? Much easier to compare youre dayscore with youre PB's