Has anyone had this problem? I have had it freeze once last year and solved that with advice off here, but cant find anyone with this problem. It will turn on when power is connected but as soon as I disconnect it then it turns off. 

I updated the software to see if that would fix it, and it didnt.

I took it apart to see if the battery has disconnected and cannot see a problem with any connections. Problem is half the screws are so corroded that two are cracked off now. 

I will get a new one regardless but anyone know of a fix for this, or someone to send it to for repair?


Still not fixed it but I do feel obliged to say thankyou to both Rik and Locosys. Rik had one delivered to me from the other side of the country within a day, and Locosys are going to do their best to help me fix the old one, so hopefully will have a backup. Their customer service seems a lot better than some other companies who do not reply to any communication.

Hi ive got my unit with screen frozen... its almost brand new, was bought last month... very frustrating... its been for 2 2 days and the battery is still on. What should I do? I sent an email to locosys this morning but now answer... Cheers


HI carlos,

There are threads on here and on seabreeze explaining what to do. Option 1 is to leave until it discharges, problem is the battery seems so good on this compared to a mobile phone for example and it can take a long time.

Option 2 is to disconnect the battery. Bear in mind this will void the warranty so if you can take it back to where you bought it then do so first of all and get it replaced.

If not then unscrew the two screws from the bottom of the unit, and all on the back. Take off the back. Unscrew the single screw holding down the pcb board and lift it, disconnect the battery.Reconnect and put back together, be careful to get the rubber trim in place as you put the case back together. Now it will work.

Once that is done update the software to the latest version - Which is supposed to stop the freeze. Another thing to try to stop it ever freezing is to give it a discharge by leaving it on every now and again until it turns off, then a full charge. (remember to do it when there is now wind forecast for a few days and it is guaranteed to change the forecast ;-)) Mine only ever froze once and I took it apart to fix as it was over a year old. 

Locosys replied to me after 2 days and were very very helpful, they gave me lots of things to try but we couldnt get mine to work. It has had a good life and is now in my spare parts bin. Now have a replacement.


Tks Lea,

Yeah, the battery ran down, and I could turn it on again. Then I followed the instructions and firmware update from Tom Chalko,, everything went ok... Also now the unit has other useful options under MISC that didnt have before... hope doestn give any more trouble...