Hi Gang!


I am using the skills I learned here ,windsurfing at higher speeds to monitoring my fitness SUP sessions. (My new SUP was designed by Craig Loomes, who I met through this site).

I am doing around a 4 kt nautical mile.  For higher speeds windsurfing doppler is more accurate, right? What about at lower speeds.  My non doppler top speeds are higher by a half knot or so.

It is cool you can see each stroke as a spike on the speed chart, and I mount my GT-11 on the deck so I can see my speed live as I paddle.

SUP when no wind is making my windy windsurf sessions seem easier.  You just lean into it and go fast!


waiting out Hurricane Irene on Cape Cod MA.


ed sinofsky


Hi Ed, It is my understanding that the Doppler speed data is still very accurate at the lower speeds you paddle SUP. It is certainly more accurate than the trackpoint speed calculations which are prone to more sources of error.

The speeds you see on the display are doppler derived speeds (as is the case with every GPS I know of).