Hi, I've tried looking elsewhere on here but not found it so...

I forgot to put my memory card in my GT-31 and now have found the data from todays session only in a .SBP file. How can I extract todays data from the file into a .sbn? 

Hopefully someone can help!


Hi Ian , if memory serves me correct, you can either:

Use the Navlink software to download the sbp file to your pc, or

Put the memory card in and use the GT31 menu options to "Save to Card" , the sbp file will then be saved from the GT31's internal memory to the SD card.

not 100% sure, hopefully a.n. other will verify / clarify the above



Hi Ian, 

I did yesterday the same operation and confirm what Howard write up here:

- insert sd card in GT31 and do a "Save to Card"

- in GPSAR ->FILE -> Open SBP




Thanks Howard and Angelo, I did as you said without any trouble. I've then used GPSAR to extract the info I wanted. 

Thanks again!