As noted on 'date wrong' subject, this is an on going problem for anybody in the southern hemisphere.

I have been tyring to load a Sept 11 2011 session.

I've just tried adjusting the date on the auto downloaded session. The date changes on the screen ok and then reverts during download.

I have tried using SBP and SBN files. No difference.

Your system is using UTC times off the satellite not local times.

Gets us on the wrong date if we are running near to noon.

We used to have the ability to edit our data and also to delete files but not so now?

OK cancel that post.

I just discovered the edit function.

well hidden and obscure.



it would be nice to fix this problem so that the auto uload is indeed an auto upload and not manual.

I often can't be bothered and use GPSTC instead. I wonder how many others same?