In gpsarPro you can select an Alpha proximity from 25 to 70 meters.

I noticed that:

  1. the selected value has an effect on the Alpha speed
  2. on this site does I can not find instructions which value to set
  3. the software accepts any input when uploading the results to this site

Considering the above, I suggest:

  1. this site clearly specifies the value to be set (I assume 50m)
  2. the software enforces this value when uploading the data to this site

Sorry, just saw that the basic rules specify a proximity of 50 meters., So forget the remark that the info is not on the site.

Hello Harry,

Indeed, the value is 50 meters. In the next version of GpsarPro, I think that the user won't have any longer the possibility to choose this value, which will be locked to 50.




Yann being able to move the proximity is very useful when trying to tune your gybes to get the best alpha, tonight i had some 25Ks at 55m so i know i must get back tighter, was  down in 23Ks for 50m.

 It would be good if it was left the same but locked to 50m for the auto upload in my view. Great program all the same,

Cheers Pete.