Hi, I just got a new GT31 a few weeks back and used it for the first time this weekend. I charged it for the first time on Friday night and updated it to the latest firmware on Saturday. Then yesterday I used it all morning and speeds were coming up on the screen as expected. I powered it down to and then realised I forgot my card reader so tried to power it up again to use the NaviLink and a USB cable to download the data however it wouldn't turn on again!! It was completely sealed and was dry when I took it out of the aquapak so it is not water/moisture related. It wasn't banged off anything either.

I tried plugging it into a car charger to see if the issue was related to the battery however it will still not turn on. I've tried pressing the power button repeatedly and for longer periods of time but nothing comes up on the screen. Even when I plug it into power I don't get the normal battery logo and the led does not flash either.

Its very frustrating as I was competing in a competition yesterday and because I couldn't get the data off I cannot get a result. Unfortunately I didn't have a memory card in it at the time otherwise i could have got the results from that.

Has anyone had this issue before or do you know of anything else I can try to see if I can get it to work again?

I appreciate your help


Difficult one.

One option is to take it apart and see if the battery connection is loose but that would invalidate the warranty so personally I would take it back under warranty. 

I had one that wouldnt turn on unless plugged in, do you get a charging signal on the screen when you plug it in.  I would take it back or at least contact the supplier. 

Did you make sure you flipped the little black switch over after updating the firmware, i guess so it you used it.


Hi Lea,

Thanks for your help, unfortunately there is no life in it at all.. Even when I plug it in there is nothing on the display and the LED doesn't light to indicate its charging.. I didn't want to open it as it was still under warranty. I'll get a replacement so its no big issue. If it was a record breaking session then I would be rightly pissed off!!!

I checked the black switch and still nothing when in either position


Fair enough, best thing is to get it replaced then, bet you are really pleased anyway after getting your kit back