Hi there.

Now I know this question has been asked multiple times but looking at it from another perspective.

Whilst I know the Genie GT-31 is the "only" unit to buy when one want to get serious into speed sailing etc. I also want to use it for land based activities such as mountain biking. Tracking routes, distance, speed, height, etc. I am not looking to break any windsurfing speed records in any case.

Whilst I have pretty much made up my mind to buy the GT-31 I need some reasurance that the unit will also suffice for  say mountain biking.

Any other users out there using their units for non watersport activities?

Many thanks.



HI Emile

I have used the GT31 for biking and other outdoor activities. It works fine there as well. No worries.



I have used it once trekking over the moors as a backup to a map with waypoints plotted using navilink and google earth (long time ago, cant remember how I did it)

Many times I have used it unintentionally while driving back from windsurfing ;-)