I was hoping to use a BGT-31 with the GPS Speed Talker app so I could hear my speed while windsurfing. However, I discovered that all bluetooth functions are not available in the settings menu anymore! I know that they were there when I got the unit because I played around with it, but apparently, they got lost when upgrading the firmware. I tried re-installing the older (V1.3) firmware from the Locosys support site, but that did not restore the bluetooth menu options.

This is a bit of a bummer, because the GT-31 is more accurate than the GPS in the Android phone that I am using. Hearing the speed while sailing is a great thing for fine-tuning stance etc., and the BGT-31 would be perfect. I tried contacting Tom Chalko using the form on his web site, but got no response.

Any suggestions would be very welcome. Otherwise, I'd say: do not update the firmware on a new BGT-31!


you are sure you didn't flash it with GT-31 firmware?

There is only one firmware version (1.3B1015)  on the Locosys support site that is for both GT-31 and BGT-31, see All other web references, including this site (, also indicate that the same firmware is for both the GT31 and the BGT31.

Chalko's update instructions do not specifically mention the BGT-31. The version from his page (1.4B0803T) installs and works fine on the BGT31, except that it removes the bluetooth-related menu items in the settings (and thereby effectively removes the bluetooth functionality). I think a warning in his update instructions, and on the instructions here on this site, would be warranted.

Is there any solution to this problem so far? I also lost the bluetooth functionality due to this update (1.4B0803T). Is it possible to roll back to any earlyer version to restor bluetooth?