Just arrived new batch Gt-31 devices from Locosys distributor.

With using custom firmware from Tom Chalko it was always  possible to set keylock with TS button and unlock with BOTH pressing TS+power button to unlock using the GT-31. (changed default setup from marker to keylock)


Made attention to Locosys. Answer Locosys:  According to the description in the GT-31 user manual, the correct operation to lock/unlok key is pressing the joystick button for 1~2 seconds.

All formal released firmware should  behave like that.


Seems Locosys changed something in the hardware design of the Gt-31 devices so keylock  (unlocking)is not

working anymore with only using the power+TS button together,unlocking is easy with only pressing the TS button for 3 seconds.

Also you can only donwload FW 1.3 from Locosys website,while factory Firmware of Gt-31 now is supllied with  FW 1.4xxC firmware which not offer enable extended features fe SPEED GENIE. 

It's only firmware 1.3xx supported by Locosys ?

Ask Tom Chalko to look also to this change. Now people can lost session because it's easy to unlock new Gt-31 devices.  Seems problem is back

Hopefully new firmware wil release soon! 

Kind Regards, Arthur reseller Gt-31