I use GPS ar pro for my SBN files to check my speeds etc and also to upload to GPS speedsurfing, do I understand correct that with this sorftware it is not possible to upload your track?

If you use GPSAR pro to send your file to GPS-speedsurfing then you're actually uploading your GPS-track.  After that you use the option on this site: post uploaded track.

The upload track option on this website can be used without the use of GPSAR, directly from your SD-card. 

I hope this answers your question. 

I think that what Theo is referring to is that when you upload your SBN with the latest version of GPSResults you actually upload the complete track and you can display it on this site (e.g. while GPSAR only uploads the results (max speeds, distance etc) without the actual track itself.

Just check this item on the forum

The latest version of GPSarPro (5.6) now fully supports the track feature !

Download it at

Thanks Jan Hendrik! MIssed that one! Works great!