I am just trying to work all this out. I have the GT31 and have it working nicely in the Genie mode to basically record each run, check it after a gybe, and then reset. 

However is there a way to check the best speed of the day on the beach, or is the only option to load it onto the computer. Would be nice to find out at the beach sometimes. All the information is there, so I am sure there must be a way to view it.

Anyone know the answer?

Thanks John

Yes go to 'max speed' or '10 sec max average' depending on which one you want to view, press big button scroll down to restore and you can see your best ten speeds.

Be sure to reset these values before you sail or you will only see the best speeds since you last reset it. The best way to reset is before you sail go into speed setting press big button scroll down to 'Del All' press this and everything is reset.

Dose this make sense?

Thanks. I couldn't get it to work at the beach yesterday, but just tried it now and seem to have got the hang of it. 



The other thing you can look at is upgrading your firmware from Tom Chalko's site. The latest firmware allows you to choose what is displayed after each run in big and / or small font.

You have 4 itmes to choose from - Last run (max + avg), Best run (top + avg). I have my GT-31 set up to display the last run in big numbers then the best run in small numbers.

No need for buttons then and you can look at it whilst sailing.