Please check:
If your GPS Firmware and GPS Software is still up to date!

How do we do this ??   My uploading is not working very good so i think i need to do this -spent the evening trying -

im not a gold member anymore but will do that again if my health probs get sorted but i want to keep on this site as i realy enjoy it   thanks for great site  -- Peter Cutts


Hi Peter

Which device have you got?

I recently bought a GT-31 and it's not the easiest of gadgets to get your head around so I went to the info and rules section, GPS devices, GT31/GT11, step 2, V 1.4 0315T and followed the well written instructions to update. I found it easier to locate the software by copying and pasting to my desktop. The little toggle switch inside the unit is a little difficult to see (especially with my eyes) and I used a toothpick to switch it over. Once done it was easy enough to get the latest update and the extra font capability makes it easier to read.

Hope this is of some help.



Thanks paul - but I think its the GPS results I have to update - as im using V6 120 - and I see there is a V6 135 ??   How do i get that ?? Just download it and install it over the previous version.

All sorted Oane - thanks very much -