I've just noticed that equipment listed on my personal best page cannot be altered. It appears that PBs retain the original equipment selection even after the session has been edited and the correct equipment selected. I have a number of PB categories showing a JP Slalom 54 when the related sessions show JP Speed 45. I selected the wrong board when the sessions were originally posted but I've subsequently updated the sessions. Perhaps you can ensure that equipment changes are propagated to parts of the database such as PBs? It should also be possible to find these inconsistencies and fix them in bulk some adhoc SQL. I'm guessing this issue affects other people as well.

It Seems all data regarding PB's cant be changed.  I deleted a session with my 2sec PB but this speed still shows on my PB list, alltough if you wan't to see the session data you get the message no session daa found....


ok guys, this is a clear description of the error. i will fix this on Friday and keep you posted.


@Michael: can you double check, it should be solved now

The problem still persists on my personal records page.

All of my PBs from 2 sec to 500m were on a speed board (typically JP Speed 45). Many of them still show as a JP SLALOM 54.

I've tried editing the sessions but even that hasn't updated my personal records page.