As promised we have some interessting news on the GPS Devices. Last month we discussed some scenario's for the succesor of the GT-31. Today the developer of the GT-31 has announced the GW-52. The products is not yet on the market, but will be there very soon (February 2015) . Our tech guys did some testing with beta's devices in an earlier stage, and besides some minors we expect that the GW-52 will be fully approved for  
So that's good news for everybody who is looking for a replacement for the GT-31 or wants to buy a new device to start GPS Windsurfing.... We will keep you posted in the next weeks about the official release date, availability & approval !

Good news but why not waterproof? sad

I can only speculate that Locosys calculated that it would be too expensive to go to that level for our relitively very small market. They have hinted that could be reviewed in future.

Meanwhile, we will keep using waterproof bags and boxes.

Now I have time to digest the implications of the use of this device I am very concerned.

As far as I can tell the main reason for the unit not being fully waterproof is the use if the standard USB connector, rather than the non standard waterproof design used in the GX32 watch. I realised that the touch screen will not work through waterproof bags! This is a major design flaw. The unit needs to be fully waterproof for proper use.

It may be that feedback from the prototype testers wanting a standard type of USB connection muddied their thinking.  I think we need a concerted campaign from the shops and buying public to lobby Locosys to change the case to a fully waterproof connection and construction.

I am investigating it further.


There are several different IP standards of waterproofing and I am doubtful anything short of a fully waterproof case would be sufficient protection for our sport, especially in salt water, especially for speed sailing. I do not see the problem of using an Aquapac. I use an aquapac for my smartphone and the touch screen works fine through the aquapac. The only problem I experience with the existing GT 31 product is that the "lock" function does not work as it should. It can be "unlocked" just by pressing the large button rather than by pressing both buttons simulataneously ( despite having all the right software and set up etc). The pressure of the aquapac I was using could therefore unlock it. I have resolved the problem for the moment by using a larger aquapac which is not such a tight fit. Other than that, it is one of the most easy and reliable bits of technology kit I have ever used. I hope the replacement continues with that reliability and ease of use.

yes. It needs IPX8 waterp[roofing! That would make it very attractive and probably a good commercial success. When you go the the troble and expense of designing a new case, why wouldn't you do it properly? As it is we would be far better off with the new internals in the old GT-11/31 case.

The toggle is absolutely no problem. You just have not been shown the trick yet. Ther is no need to lock it at all. You just need to cut some slices off the right size nylon tube and it can be easily manipulated through the bag and can not be acciently pressed.

See description and Pictures here:

The Locosys GW-52 is coming to Europen end of this month. Is this loggen fully functional with the GPS-speedsurfing website?

Hello Frank, yes the GX-52 is full operational with ! We will add a new section to GPS Devices asap to give you all the info....

I have the GW-52 and took it for a ride in the car. I was used to find files on the GT31 for every session. But with this one I don't see separate files. There is a browse tab on the Util app but that tab is empty.

Does any one know how to make a 'file' for every session? 

The latest version of the GW52 util (v1.3) has a SPLT.exe and when this exe is called from within a command box like this:

splt.exe test4_157800134_20151020_094413.sbp 

it splits the file on date into differen sbp files 


Doesn't sound userfriendly Frank..