Now that Garmin has released the software is it possible to write apps and activities for it. Now I posed the question on the Garmin forum if anyone can write this activity i have explained what the rules are for speed surfing. Unfortunately, there is no response , I get that because since it is a lot of calculation. Now I hope that if more people respond that someone gets motivated and want to try. So my question is, therefore , if you 'd like to have the activity please respond to the Garmin forum.




Here is a screenshot from the work in progress:


It shows 2s, 10s and 5x10s. Similar to the original Suunto Ambit apps I did:


The Garmin 920XT version shows also the 10s of the last run/leg after the turn and also the 5 best 10s so far. The coloring indicate how close they are to each other.

The Wind/Kite Surfing Datafield for the Garmin Forerunner 920XT, epix and vivoactive has been published now to:





Great job on the APPS Mete Ciragan. When I have time I will add a summary to the BLOG at

Do you have a summary of the APPS you've written for each watch? Links to the APPS like you have here for the Suunto Ambit would be great.

FYI. I also run so I am always keen to see how wearable tech is being used in different ways :-)



Ok, great! I just sent you a message over;). Or should I post the list here?