Hi, please use this topic for feedback on new website

Hello, I have problems login to site with smartphone (latest android) Tried different browsers and phones but always same problem. After i press login i can see what kind of mebership i have but when i try to navigate the menu in upper right corner nothing happens.



Same problem with the iPhone

Thanks I will have a look on friday

Just had a question:

In which timezone is the website and forum running?

I uploaded my first (crappy) speeds and noticed they are displayed about 4 hours earlier than I actually ran them (in the Netherlands). I expected a 2 hour difference, if it's in GMT, but 4 seems odd.

IIt is a shame you cant keep the old site running... it was much better to see and use alround IMO. There is a new very user friendly gps phone app on which have seen a few using and will try instead. It was an awesome site classic gps which am grateful to have been able to use thanks, sorry to see it gone, cheers

@login problem mobile phone: i have isolated the problem caused by the session calender add in. The fix is introducing other problems, so i need to test it and fix it before i publish the new build.


@editor on mobile phone: the editor is now responsive also on mobile phone devices. The text is black and not yellow anymore so better to read now.  Fixed. 

I hate being critical as I know there's people behind the scenes doing great work on this site for little return. But I can't help but sympathise with people who preferred the old site, it seems like an opportunity missed to create something much better.

To me, the individual session pages are a great example of bad web design. Even on my large screen, I have to scroll down several screens to view any useful information from the session. Then, I see a bunch of randomish tiles containing the stats, with speeds and weather information mixed together. And then I have to scroll even further to see a description from the sailor. The satellite image is a great addition though.

It would be far more logical to have the stats listed vertically (I'm pretty sure the old site did this), at least this would be more readable. Reduce the height of the users profile to prevent having to scroll so much, e.g. many fields that are on two lines could be on a single line. Same goes for the equipment stats.

As Dave mentioned, other GPS sites such as strava just blow this site away in regards to useability.


Comparing this site with Strava is useless, because these companies have several pro desingers and pro developers who work full time on the site. We can't do that unless you pay us to hire some people :-)

Being critical is no problem, help us with a better solution is better.

So guys I give you the challenge to design a better page for the user session page. But you are restricted to keep the base site design unchanged like the colors - the right pane and the header. The info blocks: user details, session details en session speed are the ones that can be redesigned. It would be great to share it as a picture or HTML example.

I'm looking forward, thanks in advance.


Hi Dylan, I am no designer but wonder if possible to drop the info blocks and emulate the previous sites format/layout? Would this make the site more mobile friendly or are the info blocks not removeable? cheers

Fair enough comment Dylan, I've taken a crack at a new page layout. Apologies if my previous comment came across as a bit rude. With regards to sites like strava, my meaning was not to design a site as good as, but to take inspiration and ideas from them.

I'm not a web designer so my mockup is a bit rough, and I couldn't get the icons to work. I also cheated a bit as I removed the GPS Speedsurfing banner although it seems kind of surpurflous as there's already a GPS Speedsurfing logo at the top left of each page. It could be switched back on easy enough. The screenshot is from my 20" monitor and I can view all the important session details without scrolling.

I can't see how to add images here so here's a Dropbox link. Just ignore the bit where they ask you to sign up.

That looks good Phil


Many thanx ! Already working on the first improvements based on this feedback....

I think you can leave some less important information and slide it out/in by clicking a toggle button.

The profile section can be flatter. Name, sponsors and dimensions immediate visible. Country is visible by a flag (load the alt or title attribute with its full name)

The buttons below the user can be replaced by an generic action button. Clicking on it expands the other buttons.

Some other things.

Create some UI tests of basic functionality. There are some great test frameworks you can use. Run these tests before publishing and you're sure all the basics will work.

For windy days, the site is not always available. I know you make use of caching. Use different dependencies with a lot of load. A little less actual data AND available is better than an unresponsive website / timeouts.


Thanks Onno, made a preview see your e-mail

Session page looks a lot better now Dylan!

Thanks Onno. I have planned your popout suggestion for the december holiday.  

The ''Latest achieved PR's" column seems to be seized up and has not updated for several months now.

Nice layout, excellent work.

I like the Google Earth link so we can see where the sailing happens.

Now all we need is to be able to see the data files, a'la KA72 site.


Thnx Mike, we will check this...