@all, at this moment we have noticed some problems with the Web-uploader, we are working on this to fix this asap, when it's fixed we will post this on the forum to inform you ! Uploads by GPS-Results & GPSAR-Pro are working as usual.

GP3S Crew

Sorry guys. I published an incomplete build yesterday, it should be fixed now. Please try again.

Some postings from today will be missing the track data, if this is the case please repost the session.

My apology. 

Uggh...unable to upload any sbp or gpx files atm

After a few mins uploader says: 'The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.'


Cant upload via gpsresults with GT-31 anymore, when tries to upload from gpsresults, says:

--session information loading--

...  ...

'Warning could not find: Allpoints

--info: trackpoints will be uploaded--

***** error while saving data:


...Then it wont upload. Tried many times all file types with no luck - any ideas?



please give a try again, fixed it.

Still experience a problem (error 500) when I upload directly (gpx-file) on the GPSspeedsurfing site

Hi Willem, 

Can you provide some info on what browser, OS you are using ? Just used the uploader without any problem....

GP3S Crew

I figured it has something to do with the file size (yesterday I had a long session) 11.259 kb...I try my session for 3 days ago no problem uploading it.... so do you have a solution for this "big" file?

Any idea why the file is so large ?  At this moment not a really sollution, you can try to upload the file with GPS-Results ( or GPSAR Pro ( 




...It was a session of 8 hours registred by à GPS watch....

Uploader not working again, tried 2 x tracks sbp and gpx,

'No data found, ...'

Both tracks work fine in gps-results

ok, thnx for reporting, will take a look at this asap

Fixed by Dylan

Upload Track, page fault, please fix:

Error loading usercontrol mygps.aspx my/mytrackupload.ascx


Fixed - Please notice when reporting new problems with the Web-Uploader, please make a new topic with new date, this way it's easier for us to respond on problems , also forward it to .... Thnx !!!