After the introduction of the new website earlier this year, we have noticed that the is hardly used anymore. In the last weeks we have done some major upgrades on the backend of and it makes clear that it's getting harder and harder to keep the both websites in sync. Therefore we have decided to end the hosting of from the 15th of september 2015.

GP3S Crew

Good choice yes

Bad choice, the classic site was so much easier to use and looked better.

Being an IT consultant myself I saw many drawbacks on the new site from the beginning, so I was an extremely cool and reserved late adopter of the new site's looks. But I must admit that it has been months now since I have even opened the old site. This would not normally be my advise to anyone, but: try the new site it for a while and you'll really get used to it...

I agree with Ian there...the reason the old one didn't get many hits any more is because I, for one, couldn't get the web address to work.  I find the new one terible for a mobile I don't find it so interesting and don't post  many sessions.

Real shame the old site has been shut down, I don't find this new design so appealing to use and the mobile version is useless. Time will tell I suppose.

I agree with Jim and Ian. On the laptop the new site is ok, although I preferred the old site.

But indeed, the mobile version is useless, see my previous post about it.

I don't think that it is very strange that the old site is hardly being used anymore. Untill today i even did not know that it was still possible to use the old site. therefor i tried to find the link to the old site.

Searching on the new site and searching on google did not give any results. I tried for half an hour to find the classic site. At last i saw a forum posting that the link was 

If i had a choice i would keep on using the old site because the old site still offers the possibility to post manually and better supports other than doppler devices.

II still was using preferred old site as found it 7much better alround esp uploading posted tracks and on mobile android S5. Will miss it and think it is a shame as it was far more user friendly. Typing this post on S5 in a barely legible font. Many more would use old site if knew it still existed and given the choice would not hesitate to use it again, Will not be posting as many sessions now, disappointed. Would be great if somebody were to redesign and develop a more user friendly iinterface on new site imho.